Train at 50% bodyweight with the RING THING®— your #1 training tool for pull ups, dips, muscle ups, planches, levers, and beyond!

Designed by elite gymnasts to help you get strong and train smart.

About the RING THING®
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Build strength, learn skills, and have fun!


Great for ALL levels, beginner through advanced!


Easy to set up. Check out the User Manual

Customer Reviews

“The RING THING® is the BEST training tool for muscle ups, pull ups, the iron cross or any other ring skill! I use it with my fitness clients to get them to confidently invert upside down, train advanced gymnastics skills or even just get their first pull up! I LOVE the easy set up and bring it with me to the gym or just hang at home in my garage. Also, their monkey method app makes it easy to learn tons of skill progressions with the RING THING on my own, super helpful!”

York D July 2018

“This is one of those "got to have" if mobility and strength are your things.

The product can be hung from an 8' rack or pull up bar which most gyms have. I kid you not, this is a blast, the product offset the user bodyweight by 50%, allowing the user, in this case, me, to use a good deal of strength, but more importantly, I get to really work on the form of what I'm doing.

I'm 59, and going from a back lever to straddle planche, to a maltese is not only a great workout, but it just feels damn good. The ability to do a muscle up to an iron cross, to a pull and back down to an iron cross, 10 or more times is really a beastly little workout, this is the coolest fitness product.

Honestly, this is a way cool toy. I've used practice rings like this in gymnastics before, they are good."

Coachsurfer January 2018

“I have had one of these for almost a year now. It is completely a game changer. It allows for working on ring skills with perfect movement mechanics by taking 50% off your weight off. When you are working on gymnastics skills, each rep is a maximal effort. I certainly can't do 3 sets of 10 strict muscle-ups, but I can with the Ring Thing. And unlike bands, the amount of assist is consistent through the movement. Not to mention that it is extremely well made. It has been very durable for me. I see no weak spots in its construction. I'm sure some would look at this and think they could make it. I have seen some on YouTube that have been homemade. At best they look dangerous, and they are certainly not portable. Don't hesitate to get it. I absolutely love mine!”

Benjamin Eskra February 2016


The RING THING® Plan is NOW AVAILABLE! Work out with the Monkey Method App for a customized sweat session. Build strength, learn skills, and have fun learning what your body can do. Download the Monkey Method App and subscribe to the RING THING® Plan!

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