Monkey Method SUMMER INTENSIVE | CrossFit Klew (NJ) August 10-12th, 2018

December 7th - 9th, 2018
Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Date & Time
  • December 7-9th, 2018
TULUKA PILAR Colectora Oeste km 41,5 Del Viso - and - TULUKA CABALLITO Bogota 70 Cap Fed Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dave Durante, Chad Vaughn, Mike Cerbus, Chris Hinshaw & more of the best from Team Power Monkey!!!

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Power Monkey Fitness is proud to present the Monkey Method Intensive August 10th-12th, 2018 (Training Clinic) at CrossFit KLEW in Somerset, New Jersey.  

Monkey Method Intensive is a 3-day long fitness retreat and clinic for adults, featuring some of the world’s top coaches and athletes from Gymnastics, and Weightlifting including Olympic Gymnastics Team Member DAVID DURANTE and Olympic Weightlifting Team Member CHAD VAUGHN. This is a premier training experience for the fitness world.

The Monkey Method Intensive is a fitness retreat for ALL LEVELS, and anyone 16 years and up looking to improve their foundational techniques in gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting, jump rope, endurance, programming, mobility, prehab/rehab . . . and much, much more!

The Intensive will be maxed at 100 athletes.


DAY 1 

8:00am-8:30am Registration/Sign In
8:30am-9:00am Introductions and VO2 Max Testing Explanation
9:00am-11:00am Session 1: SQUAT (ALL PARTICIPANTS & OLY COACHES)
11:10am-1:10pm Session 2
1:10pm-2:10pm Lunch Break
2:10pm-4:10pm Session 3
4:10pm-4:30pm Group Pic/Break
4:30pm-6:30pm Nightly Seminar (PROGRAMMING LECTURE W/ LEYDON)


7:00am-8:45am VO2 Max Testing
9:00am-11:00am Session 4
11:10am-1:10pm Session 5
1:10pm-2:10pm Lunch Break
2:15pm-4:15pm Session 6
4:30pm-6:30pm Nightly Seminar (Nutrition w/ Mike Molloy)


7:00am-8:45am VO2 Max Testing
9:00am-11:00am Session 7
11:10am-1:10pm Session 8
1:10pm-2:10pm Lunch Break
2:10pm-4:10pm Afternoon Seminar (Injury/Rehab w/ Dan Pope)
4:10pm-4:30pm Closing Remarks & Certification Handout

 Session stations: Squat, Endurance, Bar Work, Handstand, Jump Rope, Rings, Clean & Jerk, Programming

*10% discount for Military, and teams/gyms with groups of 5 or more. Please contact us for more details (

Full Payment is due upon registration, and 50% can be refunded up to 30 days before camp. After that point, no refunds.


CrossFit Klew Power Monkey Intensive

CrossFit Klew Power Monkey Intensive 2018