Monkey Method® Gymnastics Clinic | CrossFit Toy Box (New Jersey) with Dave Durante

Raritan, New Jersey January 6th, 2019
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Join this clinic led by Team Power Monkey Coach DAVE DURANTE.

Learn how to build your technique and maximize your efficiency with gymnastics movements. Signature Monkey Method® drills and techniques will be introduced and put into practice.

All levels (beginner to advanced) are welcome to join and will benefit from this opportunity to be coached by a professional with such deep knowledge in the sport of gymnastics and its transfer into CrossFit.


Hosted By CrossFit Toy Box

Hosted By Image CrossFit Toy Box

2 Johnson Dr Suite #3

Raritan, NJ 08869


Clinic Overview

Sunday, January 6th, 2019
Morning Session Gymnastics Warm Up: General warm up, Wrist exercises, Shoulder exercises, Stretching techniques
Discussion of Types Handstand Exercises; Proper Handstand Set Up, Positioning, and Mechanics
Working with Partners and Spotting Techniques; Handstand Push Up Breakdown with Scaling Option Discussion
Handstand Walking Breakdown and Mechanics
Afternoon Session Movement Philosophy. Understanding principles behind being healthy vs. competing.
Shoulder Health Warm Up & Basic Individual Mobility Assessment Into Stretches/Corrective Exercises.
Bar Work (breakdown + drills for various movements); Ring Work - Complete breakdown of muscle up mechanics and discussion of common mistakes
  • Build your understanding of proper technique
  • Learn how to fix movement patterns
  • Take your training to the next level (no matter what level you currently are)

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This Clinic is appropriate for ALL LEVELS (Beginner-Advanced)


Certificate of Participation upon completion of Clinic

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